William Legier – Pre-trip – Guatemala Summer 2017

My name is William Legier and I’m one of the Alternative Breakers that will be going on the Guatemala trip (led by Drew Large). I’m a now Senior Computer Science major and I also serve as the Community Service Chairman of my Fraternity. I’m incredibly devoted to service and all of it’s classifications. I would say that the thing I’m most excited about in terms of trip itself is primarily making an impact on the local Antigua community and also, secondarily, being exposed to a completely different culture than the one I’m accustomed to. Overall, I can’t wait to get started. Now, I just have to make it through a day of flying! See you on the post-production blog!


Katie Goostree- Antiqua Quatemala

I am a math education major. I am hopeful that I can benefit the youth of our community. I aspire to instill confidence in the future adults of our community in any field they choose to pursue. I am almost bilingual in Spanish. This skill comes in handy with our changing demographic in America. Although I love Spanish I have never studied abroad or gone abroad before. I am super excited to go to Guatemala and learn about the culture of their community. I am most apprehensive about the food in the area becuase I am an extremely picky eater. But I’m excited to see what is in store in Antigua!


Guatemala Trip!!!

Hi, my name is Thu Hoai Tran, but I go by Megan. My major is Radiography Tech. This is the first time I travel outside the country for a mission trip. When I was young I always wish that I can go to other countries to learn about their culture, lifestyle, and languages. I want to go to the third world country so I can understand the condition of people there, and appreciate what I have at the United State.  I did do construction before, so I believe this time it would be easier for me than the first time I did it. After this trip, I want to bring home the best experience I have during the trip, and the best memories ever.




Me llamo Drew! I am the student leader of this trip and I am so excited to be going back to Antigua, Guatemala tomorrow! Being a Biology Major with a Professional Education Minor, I feel prepared to leader and differentiate everyone’s experience! I know the in’s and out’s of Antigua and I can’t wait to teach everyone what I know about the culture, location, and the best restaurants! I think that I can help the community  through our construction efforts in the surrounding villages/towns! I have knowledge and experience in community service and philanthropy, and I am ready to give it all to this community that needs it in Antigua! I am looking forward to seeing the reactions and sharing the experience with my fellow trippers! However, that being said, I really want everyone to have fun and get the most out of their time in this beantigua-cerro-de-la-cruz-XLautiful country! Not even the rain will stop us!

Dieciseis hoars mas!

Antigua, Here We Come!


Pre trip blog: Dylan Kellogg

1: I am a senior computer science major, with minors in mathematics and mobile software development. My concentration is in computer systems. I have always been good with computers and creating things and creating things with computers  is the perfect fit for me.

2: Technology has already done many great things for societies. Continuing to develop software to benefit humanity and make lives easier is the most direct way that my field of study helps communities.

3: Skills that I have that can help others. Technology is only useful if one knows how to use it. If an organization is growing and wants to reach more people, a website or mobile app is a great start. Being able to teach those skills, or offer my services for organizations is helpful to others. I also have plenty of leadership experience to help organizations or people who need guidance.

4:  I am Dylan Kellogg. I graduated from NorthEast High School in 2014 where I was voted most likely to succeed. I am a senior computer science major who wishes to get into the field of software development. For the past 3 years, I have represented APSU students through the Student Government Asscioation. This past year I served as the student body Vice President. When I’m not serving others or coding assignments, I like to play video games and hang out with my awesome girlfriend and my yellow lab Bear. Here is a picture of us.



Atlanta Madness Pre-trip Post: Wayne

Hey everyone, my name is Wayne. I’m currently a Senior here at APSU. I enjoy reading, writing, and experiencing new things. This trip was sprung on me by Jamie Pack and was a  last minute plan. I am excited to meet everyone and to see how we can serve others.

Currently I am involved doing so much on campus such as being a volunteer at the S.O.S. Food Pantry and have developed skills such as customer service, organization of food and clothes, and able to provide resources to other members of my community.

My academic major is English which is useful but what I really care about are my minors. I have a double minor in Creative Writing and Women and Gender Studies. I have an interest in these areas because I believe that it is important to be able to connect with others by writing especially about minority cultures.

I want to use the skills that I have obtained from creative writing to have readers experience outside of their cultural norms By Studying Woman and Gender Studies I can expand my writing in such a way that it helps to express women and gender minorities in a non-objectified manner.