Post Trip Reflection

(I want to start by appologizing that it took me so long to write this! Better late than never hopefully (: )

1. How did you use any skills or knowledge from your time at APSU (from classes, student organizations, etc…) while volunteering on your alternative break trip?

I think I used some of my psychology experience when interacting with the people we meet on the trip. I think it helped me understand more of how the children reacted to strangers after coming from traumas in their home countries. I also think my organizational skills helped us allot out our time on our excursion day to try to include everyone. 

2. Looking back on your experience, in what ways have you personally developed & learned from this experience that will help you in the future?

This trip taught me more about myself, I learned that I am deeply sensitive to the struggles of others. Even when leaving I felt like our work wasn’t done, I was very sad that there would be millions of people still struggling to leave their home countries. I learned that  I want to use my psychology knowledge in helping people who come from war-torn countries. I also learned from this experience that children, despite all they have been through, still behave like happy normal children. We visited a house of Somali immigrants, and even though it was infested with roaches, the three young children still giggled at the strangers in their home and played peek a boo with each other. I think this experience with refugees and non violence training will help me in future volunteer work.  


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