Post Trip – Georgia


I loved my trip to Georgia. Learning about and helping the refugees was an amazing experience that I am so grateful to have had. APSU prepared me for the trip by helping me out of my shell. In physics, we are often required to give presentations and are encouraged to engage in club activities, especially Del Square Si (the physics club) activities. A common event in the club is to help out with outreach events that take place in bordering elementary and high schools.  At the event we show kids cool science stuff and try to explain the concepts behind them simply enough for them to grasp what is happening. While volunteering we spent a lot of time with kids and communication with them was made easier by my experiences at APSU outreach events.

Going in I did not have the prejudices against refugees that I feel a lot of people have. My belief in the lack of basis for the mean thoughts surrounding refugees were solidified. They are just people who want to live in a safe environment; everyone deserves to feel safe. On another note, we talked a lot about the condition of some refugee camps and this made me think of using my physics and math to help the quality of living in the camps, essentially making the camps more like self-sufficient communities.  I know I will want to work with refugees in the future and this trip gave me all the experience and knowledge I need to effectively help more refugees.

Jessica B.


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