William Legier – Post Trip – Guatemala 2017

Hola! My name is William Legier. I’ve just returned from Antigua, Guatemala and I have to say, just, what an experience. Packing up, about two day’s worth of air travel in total, and a whole week just in another country having to acclimate to a different culture. Not only did I learn a great few new skills, in terms of construction, while I was there, but I also had the extreme satisfaction of volunteering (with everyone else in my group) at Antigua own Municipal Fire Department. I met some of these firefighters and Maximo Nivel staff and am happy to call a few of them friends. At the station itself, our team focused on building a more sound infrastructure; improve restroom conditions, painting, and quite a bit of concrete mixing and laying (just to name a few things we accomplished there). I’m just glad to have been a part of this trip and I know it’ll be an experience that I won’t soon forget! Until I return that is…


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