Post Trip Blog Post Clarkston-Georgia 2017 by Wayne White

Being approached 2 days before leaving for Georgia I didn’t know what to expect. So going into the trip I had little expectations. I did not know any of the 7 other people I was traveling with, nor did I know that I would be brought to tears over the experiences we were about to encounter.

First, let me talk about Clarkston.

Clarkston is a small 1.1 Square mile of refugee culture. There are over 150 languages spoken there and many different religions practiced. I thought before that going in this my world view was open, but after the week we spent working with the refugees I realized just how closed off to the rest of the world I had become. Americans are shown lies through media what a refugee’s life is like. Media portrays refugees as being people who want to take over our land, take our resources and destroy our way of life. However, I know differently. Refugees are here because they had no other place to go.

I met children in an international school who had been forced to leave their families behind. Many of which had left their home only to be placed in refugee camps for years.  This school was understaffed, and had very limited budget. I was working with a class and the teacher had to re-use notebooks from her previous students just so the children had paper to journal on. It broke my heart but kick started a passion to want to help this school.

This trip has expanded my world view and has reinforced my thinking that all human life is sacred and that in order to survive this world we have to work together. The world is war-torn and many people are fleeing their home countries in search of survival. I would like to go back to Clarkston, GA next year and help in the international school.


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