Pre-Trip: Georgia

Hi! I’m Michael Taylor, a double major in political science and sociology. I’m always been interested in sociology, even before I knew about the field itself. As a child I was very interested in learning about and appreciating other cultures, and how they interact with one another, and that passion was amplified in high school when I took sociology and contemporary issues. Pairing this with political science was a natural choice for me. Learning about sociology wasn’t enough; I want to be able to change policies as well to help protect various minority groups and further progress understanding and tolerance, so I decided to also pick up the political science major.

By pairing these two fields, I hope to either be a policy analyst or lobbyist and help progress our society by making more inclusive policies. Laws set the social tone- if you make them more inclusive, the society will be as well.

My circle of friends and acquaintances has helped give me great experience with multiple problems. I’m involved in numerous circles, from lgbt/queer circles, to those that have suffered from mental illness and abuse, and also extremely religious groups to name a few. My religious experiences have given me the opportunity of working with local homeless shelters and also mission work in Puerto Rico. These experiences have further expanded my world views and helped me become flexible, quick to act and empathize, and be open minded in any situation.

A little bit about me is that I’m 20 years old, and the oldest of three siblings. I’m originally from North Carolina, and moved to Tennessee freshman year of high school. I took up archery, pottery, and horse riding, and would love to be involved in those activities again. I’m not quite sure what else to put here, but I look forward to the trip and meeting wonderful people!


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