Pre trip blog: Dylan Kellogg

1: I am a senior computer science major, with minors in mathematics and mobile software development. My concentration is in computer systems. I have always been good with computers and creating things and creating things with computers  is the perfect fit for me.

2: Technology has already done many great things for societies. Continuing to develop software to benefit humanity and make lives easier is the most direct way that my field of study helps communities.

3: Skills that I have that can help others. Technology is only useful if one knows how to use it. If an organization is growing and wants to reach more people, a website or mobile app is a great start. Being able to teach those skills, or offer my services for organizations is helpful to others. I also have plenty of leadership experience to help organizations or people who need guidance.

4:  I am Dylan Kellogg. I graduated from NorthEast High School in 2014 where I was voted most likely to succeed. I am a senior computer science major who wishes to get into the field of software development. For the past 3 years, I have represented APSU students through the Student Government Asscioation. This past year I served as the student body Vice President. When I’m not serving others or coding assignments, I like to play video games and hang out with my awesome girlfriend and my yellow lab Bear. Here is a picture of us.



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