Atlanta Madness Pre-trip Post: Wayne

Hey everyone, my name is Wayne. I’m currently a Senior here at APSU. I enjoy reading, writing, and experiencing new things. This trip was sprung on me by Jamie Pack and was a  last minute plan. I am excited to meet everyone and to see how we can serve others.

Currently I am involved doing so much on campus such as being a volunteer at the S.O.S. Food Pantry and have developed skills such as customer service, organization of food and clothes, and able to provide resources to other members of my community.

My academic major is English which is useful but what I really care about are my minors. I have a double minor in Creative Writing and Women and Gender Studies. I have an interest in these areas because I believe that it is important to be able to connect with others by writing especially about minority cultures.

I want to use the skills that I have obtained from creative writing to have readers experience outside of their cultural norms By Studying Woman and Gender Studies I can expand my writing in such a way that it helps to express women and gender minorities in a non-objectified manner.





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