Post Trip

1. How did you use any skills or knowledge from your time at APSU (from classes, student organizations, etc…) while volunteering on your alternative break trip?

I think teamwork was a big part of what we did in Lafayette, Louisiana. We were working on a house that had been damaged in the flood andI think it was a learning curve because we each had to decide what we could and could not do well. for example, I enjoyed staining the trim that was going inside the house, but some of the trip members were too impatient to enjoy that task. I wouldn’t say we really had to use specific skills learned at APSU besides team work and coexisting together for an entire week.

2. Looking back on your experience, in what ways have you personally developed & learned from this experience that will help you in the future?
I think the relationships I created on this trip have already begun to mold me as a person. The laughter and memories are very special and it was also very interesting learning about the culture of Louisiana as well as the background of each of the people that went on the trip with me!


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