Post trip- Nashville Alternative Break

I was extremely excited to go on my alternative break trip, and it exceeded my expectations. Everyday was something new and I actually found an organization I would like to volunteer for regularly. The trip all together was very humbling and I really enjoyed the company of the people in my group. One of My favorite days was volunteering at Old School Farm, where we got a bit dirty, but planted about 1600 ( i think it’s called) bok choy seedlings. I’ve never successfully gardened anything in my life, so this was different and so much fun. I also learned about the campus gardens I could help in, which was exciting. I also enjoyed volunteering at Manna Cafe, where we distributed food boxes. I plan on volunteering there regularly, after this trip. Learning about the Nashville Homeless Shelter was also interesting, and if I was a better driver, I would love to go back. This trip was a good experience and I learned that I actually do like to volunteer, even if it’s outside 🙂 I’m glad to have gone.

-Jodie Thomas (freshman)


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