Pre-Trip Blog

My name is Osa R. Emokpae. I major in biology and restaurant management, and I am interested in both because I love to cook and I am fascinated with the way food is grown and also how their molecular composition make different foods(plants) taste different. I think with knowledge from both courses I am doing I can help others in my community, because in biology we are thought about how the whole ecosystem works and also with genetic engineering we can change the genetic components of plants and make them more adaptive in our ever changing world. And with culinary arts we are taught how to repurpose waste food. I can cook so helping out at soup kitchens to provide healthy food for the hungry is a blessing to the community, and I also know a little bit about gardening and the whole plant growth process.

Like I said in my previous paragraph I love everything food related, I do some arts too and I love science. For this trip I will be leading my own group, and it is exciting because I am eager to share with them some of the experiences I had on my previous trip that made me want to do this again. I dislike dishonesty, arrogance, laziness (it depends) and lateness ( that’s probably my biggest pet peeve). I can be shy sometimes, but when I need to get things done I throw the shyness into the dustbin!


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