Pre-Trip Blog

  1. My major is Medical Laboratory Science with a concentration in pre-medicine. I am interested in MLS because I feel like it is a way for me to separate myself from other medical school applicants since most usually have a biology or chemistry degree. Also, my grandmother was a medical technologist so I already know some things about it.
  2. I think majoring in MLS specifically with my concentration will help others in my community because through shadowing I will meet important people. This networking could allow me to set up certain programs or help me get involved with certain events that benefit others.
  3. The only skills I have now is that I am able to do some labor. On this trip to Lafayette, I will be helping repair homes. I am willing to donate my time anyway that helps anyone else.
  4. My name is Ashlyn and I am from Arkansas. I am an only child. I moved to Tennessee before I started high school in Dickson county. I am a sophomore at APSU and I do research with Dr. Thompson testing human cell toxicity against brown recluse spider venom. I am also in PPHS. I love to read and like most people, travel.

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