Natalie Cooper

1. Tell us your academic major and why you are interested in that area.

I am a Health and Human Performance Major with a concentration in Healthcare Management. I am also pursuing a minor in health and leadership science. My overall goal with my future career is to be an advocate for those in need. I started out as a social work major, but then decided I wanted to work at a higher level (healthcare management) so that I could impact an organization’s overall ability to help people. I love the classes I have taken and I am excited to start looking at Grad school soon!
2. How do you think that your academic major can be used to help others in your community?

I think being an advocate especially for the geriatric community is needed in Tennessee. There is not a lot of assistance and legislation that discusses the care of the elder population. I am learning different ways to manage and advocate within healthcare organizations.
3. What skills or knowledge do you currently have that can help improve life for others?

I would like to think that I try to be a caring and considerate person. I think the best way to help others is by not hurting them, or at least that’s what I’ve learned. I think I am gaining skills within the management field that I can use to advocate and encourage people to do good for others.
4. Introduce yourself!

I’m Natalie Cooper… a Junior from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I am obsessed with my dog, Opal- but she lives with my parents because I am way to busy to give her the life she deserves. I am currently the President of Chi Omega and I lead 97 beautiful women (some days are easier than others). Other than being involved with Chi Omega I am in PELP, the Honors Program, I work in Admissions as a CORREP, and I also serve as a Governor’s Ambassador! I am busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am really excited for this trip and the memories that it will bring. XOXO



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