Makayla Dixon

My major is Biology with a concentration in pre-professional health. My main goal in this area of study is to attend medical school and become a practicing physician in either surgery or family medicine. Previous jobs I’ve held in health insurance billing have exposed me to the most valuable aspect of health care which I believe to be the relationship between doctor and patient. I’ve always had an interest in trauma surgery, but I also think I may have a calling to be a general practitioner to help others in a variety of needs, and to more importantly have a relationship with them throughout their health care journey.

I think my major so far has taught me the importance of a hard work ethic and passion for what I study. I strive to channel that energy into helping others pursue personal growth. On this trip specifically, I hope to use those skills to help those in need back onto their feet and inspire a little hope where some may have been lost.

As stated before, I believe my journey in college has equipped me with a great work ethic and passion for others. For the improvement in others’ lives, I think my skills as a leader and also a team player will be useful. Aside from practical skills, I believe a caring heart and a hopeful attitude will also be an inspiring source for those in troubling circumstances.

My name is Makayla Dixon, and I am from Springfield, TN. I love to read, play piano, hike/all outdoors activities, line dance, and pretty much anything to do with the Big Bang Theory! Aside from the science life, I am a peer tutor, peer mentor, Gov’s ambassador, and a member of Chi Omega and PPHS on campus. I’m very excited about this trip and to make many memories and new friends!


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