Pre-Trip Blog Prompt

Hello everyone,

My name is Jacy I am a Psychology major. I have always been interested in psychology for a number of reasons that has to do with past experiences. This passion grew for me when I started working at a mental health hospital back in my hometown of Reno, Nevada. Through the coursework and professors at APSU, I truly became engulfed in the mind and mostly neuropsychology.

Psychology is very helpful in dealing with others state of mind and well being. It is useful to have knowledge in ways that could help change someone’s behaviors or their perspective on things for the better.

I am skilled in problem solving, organization, and teamwork. I am knowledgeable in some aspects of psychology that include psychopharmacology,and  behavior modification. Also, I am a compassionate person which has stemmed from past experiences as well.

Thank you all and I am excited for this trip.


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