New Orleans-Post Trip

My experience in New Orleans was more than I could have hoped for! I loved the service work we did and the people we met! I used my compassion and willingness to work that I have been developing since before my time at APSU. Through the different organizations I’m involved with, I have been continually working on being willing to do what needs to be done. That proved to be very helpful in cases where there where certain tasks needing to be done and I was willing to do whatever was needed.

I will be the first to admit that I am a bit naive and have some misconceived notions about the world. My favorite part of the trip was volunteering at the Mission center. I was able to interact with some wonderful people there. The mind-boggling thing was how many people we fed. Hunger is so widespread and at times, we don’t notice it because it isn’t readily apparent. This experience has drastically changed the way I think and react. This experience has also given me a newfound passion to end hunger or at least decrease it. I loved the trip and everything about it. I absolutely cannot wait for what I get to be a part of next!



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