New Orleans 2017 – Post Trip

There were many things I learned at APSU that I used on the New Orleans trip, some of which were a little unexpected. I was expecting to be working with other students but wasn’t as prepared for working in the Mission as I could have been and struggled a little at times – that was definitely a situation outside of my comfort zone – but I enjoyed the experience. Many of the experiences I had were helped by little things like being able to translate Spanish and understand someone a little better, or understanding the opportunity costs of different tasks at the Audubon locations, or getting an understanding and appreciation of the geology of New Orleans by witnessing it first-hand.

In terms of personal development, I think the Mission had the biggest effect on me and helped me realize I need to guide my studies more towards dealing with people rather than ideas and abstractions. It’s easy to say that everyone has a story, but actually hearing some of those stories was an eye opening experience. While I don’t expect to be changing my major any time soon, I do want to see if I can do more with the leadership side of my studies than just a minor.



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