New Orleans ABT Winter 2017

Hello everyone! My name is Will McCole, I’m a Philosophy major trying to decide if I’m minoring in Leadership or working on dual major (or double degree). I like Philosophy as a major because I’m interested in the why of the world more than the how and like to argue with people (in a good way!).

Philosophy is a major which people don’t tend to think as being useful, but I’ve found the exact opposite. Investigating different ethical and philosophical viewpoints gives a greater sense of why people think and act in certain ways and helps me understand their reasoning. There is also a lot of critical thinking involved which helps in problem identification and resolution. Plus I can add the practical skills I’m learning through the leadership side.

As an Adult Learner, I have a lot of random skills and knowledge I can apply to help others. I like to acquire new skills and abilities where I can because I never know what I might need in the future. I supposed I’m kind of a skill collector in that respect. I also enjoy teaching and demonstrating skills to people – knowledge is something which should be shared, not hoarded.

Introduce myself… hmm. I’m foreign, originally from Scotland. I have two kids and I’m married to Loreli, she’s coming along on the trip too. I work in the ANTS Center as a work study student when I’m not studying on campus. At home I draw things (badly, for now at least), make chainmail and vaguely practice blacksmithing. I also eat books, a happy trait my oldest seems to have inherited.


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