Alternative Break Trip New Orleans

Hello. My name is Ann Madden. I am a senior majoring in psychology with a minor in family studies. When I first started college, I was in my first psychology class ever (they didnt require psychology when I went to high school) and my prof. walked in and said “Psychology is the study of What in the hell just happened” and I was hooked. I love the mind and trying to understand human nature. I love people and my overall goal is to get my Masters in Counseling. I hope to help my community by counseling those reentering society from prison. We have such a high recidivism rate in our country, I would love to help lower that number. I am a person that tries to encourage everyone I meet. I am a people person that believes that we should build each other up and never tear each other down. I understand group dynamics and work well with others. I am filled with compassion for every living thing and am commited to do my part to make the world a better place. As much as I enjoy people, I am very passionate about animals as well. I am so excited about being able to help walk dogs and the work we will be doing at the Audubon Nature Institute. I cant wait to experience New Orleans


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