Loreli McCole- New Orleans Trip


I am Loreli. I will be heading out on my second alternative break this winter. I am a sophomore just changing majors from Business to Leadership. I have always been good at being a leader but know that my skills need some work. I enjoy helping other students achieve more by showing them how to achieve what they want. That’s part of why I wish to study leadership. I have been a peer mentor and intend to keep working as one come next fall after some training.

I am good at encouraging others to find what they are passionate about. I don’t believe that anyone should work in a field for the money alone. Try new things, even if it doesn’t become your full time job than you at least know you can do it and want to do it. I tend to do a lot of pushing people to achieve more than what they are used to doing. The great thing is that I don’t have to have an interest in what others are passionate about, I just need to listen to them and understand why they love it. There is nothing worst than someone trying to fit you in a box that is too big or too small for your dreams.

A little about myself, I am taking a minor in Photography. This means that I am bringing along two cameras and lots of memory cards and film. Yes, film. I found out last spring that I absolutely LOVE being in a dark room. (find your passion works on myself as well) I have been working in black and white photography as well as digital. I am married, my husband is coming along on this trip. It will be odd being in the same house but not the same room. I love animals, so working with the dogs and the audobon society makes me more and more keen on this trip as I learn what we will be doing.

I can’t wait to see what is in store for us in New Orleans




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