Post Trip Blog: St. Louis

img_1789img_1763Trip to St. Louis has been one of the best experiences of my life. I would like to thank Center for Service-Learning & Community Engagement for providing this opportunity for me. YAY you Jamie. This trip provided me the chance to meet amazing fellow students and service learning at Kingdom House. The main agenda of our trip was to discuss and evaluate about poverty existing in our country. I came to learn and observe how the poverty is one of the main issues our country has to deal with. How Kingdom House is trying to find the ways to help those people in need and preventing them from going in downward spiral towards poverty. Several factors such as people residing in surrounding areas of public houses near Kingdom house do not have an ability to meet their basic needs as they have a limited source of income and how they are trying to make their ends meet.

We spent most of our times in Kingdom House ,learning, discussing, and evaluating case studies regarding poverty, its causes and effects in human life. As a healthcare management student, I have studied about health, laws pertaining to healthcare and its importance and how our government is trying to resolve the issues regarding healthcare in general public. But after the tour around the surrounding areas of Peabody neighborhood and from classes I attended at Kingdom House provided me the insight and knowledge that how people have their hands tied due to poverty. They do not have an ability to  provide food to the table for their families working with a minimum wage. So how are they going to live a healthy and quality life?

At the end , besides service learning at Kingdom House, I got to meet amazing fellow volunteers. I had a great time and I am looking forward to further opportunities.

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