Post-Trip Blog – St. Louis: W.Jackson

Going on the alternative Fall break was just what i hoped it might be.  We started out a group of strangers headed to a place we hadn’t been, to try to help people we didn’t know.   We faced these uncertainties together, through the common bond of giving.   It only took a few short days to experience laughs i hope I never forget with friends i know I won’t.

The work with Kingdom House guided me to see with new eyes. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on the story of America and forces me to answer the tough question of “What will I cause it to be?”

My current studies highlighted the perpetual development of life’s challenges and opportunities.  Witnessing the artifacts of factory smokestacks, Ead’s Bridge, steamboats, railroads, ironworks, French architecture, segregation and trade coincide with our modern devices, demographics, and attitudes kept me hyper-aware of our trajectory into the future.

I took the opportunity to ponder deep thoughts and came to some conclusions that will guide my path.  Considering poverty prompted me to contemplate the entire spectrum of power and money.  The people I met and the experiences we shared leave me with a perspective I can consider for the rest of my life.

We can always do better. So, let’s always do our very best.


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