St. Louis Trip: Post Blog – Diamond Maddox

Even though this trip didn’t involve as much volunteering as I had thought it would, I did learn a lot more about poverty and how it has impacted millions of people in the United States. I didn’t really use any skills that I had obtained from APSU, but I can say that I have learned more about the many different steps that people are taking to help combat poverty and that there is so much more that needs to be done to provide assistance (for example more funding needs to provided for programs such as TANF and Food Stamps). From this experience, not only was I able to meet and get to know new people, I was also able to gain insight on the many different programs that I can get involved with in my community to provide some sort of relief for people that need the help. Kingdom House offers a daycare/learning facility for children ages infant-5 years of age and we were given the opportunity to volunteer at this facility. As a result I would like to eventually get involved with the campus Child Learning Center because I have seen how these daycare facilities have helped parents ensure that their children are obtaining the care that they deserve while they are working to try and get out of poverty. Overall this trip was an amazing experience and I hope to take what I have learned from this trip to help others in my community.


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