Nicholas Harriel – post trip blog

I used my communication skills and leadership experience to better my experience during the ABT to Chattanooga. Our group consisted of a diverse group of students from all walks of life. Through communication and shared goals, our various view points and drives cultivated a productive team that managed to complete  days worth of work within hours.

On the first day, we came together to landscape at the Hart Gallery. This project saved the Gallery money and time by providing a service that would otherwise be expensive and cumbersome to complete. Through communication we managed to streamline the project and exceed team and organizational expectations

On the second day of volunteering we packaged over 7,000 meals for families in and around Chattanooga. It was a humbling experience to know our  involvement had a direct effect on so many lives. I attribute this success to the leadership experience of our individual members. Volunteers did their job efficiently and filled in where needed, without delegation or request.

It is easy to forget why we are pursuing education. Why we want to better ourselves and our communities. Test, studying, and projects consume our semesters–we forget the “point.” The ABT experience reminded me of those in need and the impact I hope to have on the lives of others. I believe humility, leadership experience, and interpersonal communication skills will follow each of our members into their future.


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