Hannah Reece post-trip Chattanooga

On this trip, I got to see a lot of aspects of Business first hand that I may not have seen otherwise. Seeing how a non-profit runs and how passionate the people that work non-profit are is truly inspiring. The couple that owned the H’Art Gallery gave 60% of sales on an item straight back to the artist, kept 30% to cover overhead, and gave 10% to a charitable cause chosen by the artist. Not only are they able to make a difference in individual lives, but they utilize their business to benefit other causes in the community and beyond. They weren’t in it for the money, they were just passionate about changing lives.

At the food bank it was amazing to see how much money we helped them to save. Without volunteers, they wouldn’t be able to provide these meals at such a discounted cost because they would have to pay for the labor volunteers like us provided. They let us know that we saved them around $1400 and prepared over 7,000 meals, and this is such a HUGE impact that took us less than a regular shift at work to complete.

I love how big of an impact we were able to make in less than 12 hours of volunteering. Not only did we make a difference in these organizations, but I also feel as if I gained strong relationships with some of the trips attendees. Spending that time together really bonds a group and we all had a great time doing it. Plus, it helped that our leader is an amazing person with a huge heart.

Overall, this trip was humbling and inspiring. I hope to find a business like the H’Art Gallery to work for in the future. It would be amazing to apply my marketing degree in a way that could benefit those that need help most.


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