Gabby Maxwell – Chattanooga

During this trip, I got to use the people skills I have developed in the course of this first semester at Austin Peay. I also got to use my budgeting skills to make sure I didn’t spend too much money. I used my dance and music skills in our game and dance time back at the church which was so fun. I even got to have some deep conversations about topics I’ve talked about in Engage. I got hear and listen to my groups stories.


This trip has personally impacted me because it went further in depth in topics that a group I am a part of called Engage has highlighted. Along with the freshman Peay read about hunger and the food industry. This trip really aloud me to feel the small difference I can make in my role in stopping hunger. I have really become passionate about this. So passionate that I have began to intermittent fast. I felt that I was eating more than I needed. This trip also allowed me to see a wonderful family change the lives of homeless people through art. This compassion and dedication has shown me why I’m so passionate about people. I want to help people and influence them. I want to be something they can depend on. This trip has helped my passions grow and mature. It has given me some direction to my future goals. I hope to take what I have experienced in this amazing trip and help it motivate and orient me to my future in help in people.

-gabby maxwell


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