Chattanooga Trip – Selena Wilson

This trip to Chattanooga was an amazing experience. At no point in my collegiate career was I thought to use a shovel, so I was unprepared to move weeds from a garden. However, I was surprised by how much my time at Austin Peay contected to my career goals. I am passionate about working with the homeless community and with under developed communities. It was an impactful experience to see my education put to work in the real world. Working at the Hart Gallery, I got a first hand experience of how advocation for an oppressed community can make a difference. The Hart Gallery gives homeless, disabled, and people suffering with mental illness a place to make some form of revenue while also expressing their passions and difficulties in their daily life. I also used my communication skills learned in my classes and campus involvement throughout the trip to work well with nine other people, some of who I had not known before the trip.

From this trip, I have been humbled in knowing that although my life may have challenges and difficulties, everyone else has problems that may be much more significant than my own. I gained a new appreciation for my career field and the aspirations I have. I was allowed the opportunity to see how being a social worker can have a personal effect on peoples lives. I have a renewed passion to help and am eager to go to field new semester to continue to make a difference in the world.


-Selena Wilson


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