Post trip Reflection Chatt/Fall Break Courtney Cousin

I would say the skills I used most while on this trip were from having been involved in other organizations on campus such as AKPsi and Alpha Lambda Delta, learning how to talk with people from all walks of life. I have gained a lot from this experience. One being that we as college students should be very grateful even if everything isn’t great in our lives there are always people that are worse off than you who wish they had this or wish they had that. With this trip we helped at the Hart Gallery and the people there are either homeless or disabled, but they have a chance to make a little cash through art.  As college students we may complain about the job we have, but for some people jobs are very hard to come by just to make a living.  With the Chattanooga Food Bank, we weren’t directly feeding homeless people but,  it was very rewarding to know that when we finished our shift that we provided 7,360 meals in just the short time we were there.  What I will carry into the future is just being thankful for any and everything.


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