Pre-trip blog: Alex

Hey guys – I’m Alex and I am a nursing major. I became interested in nursing because I have always been drawn to helping people. Most anything medical can be kind of scary for people and I want to be the one to help someone’s hospital experience or medical diagnosis be less scary. My career directly affects the community because helping people in the community is the entire foundation for nursing. Nurses not only work in their facility but they work to educate their patients and those around them to better their lives and ensure their safety. Skills that I have to improve life for others include being an empathetic listener and having patience for those who really need it. I could go into all the other skills nursing school teaches me in order to help improve lives but I’ll leave it short and sweet – just like me 🙂 A couple of fun facts about me are that I am a practicing yogi for two years and my favorite band is The 1975.


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