W.J.Jackson III

Hi.  I’m Wesley.  I’m an Engineering Technology Major (Automotive).

I’m new to Austin Peay, but I’m a sophomore because of an earlier bachelors in International Studies. I was a military paralegal the last 7 years.  I’ve been to 12 countries and lived overseas for 4 years.

I’m my son’s dad.  He’s 4.  I have 9 siblings (same mom, same dad, same household).

I’m a nerd. I like to fix things. I’m into everything.

Majoring in Engineering Technology  is quite thrilling.  Try and Fail. Adapt. Repeat ad-nauseum. Find success.  I chose this major because i want to help society make distinctions between what’s working and what’s not such a good idea.

My major seeks to answer the following: how do we apply math and science  to the natural properties of our lives so that they are useful to us?   Learning the techniques the experts use to answer this question can be applied to community issues in particular and at large. Among those we face in our generation are the clashing issues of omni-connectedness and resource allocation.

I’m observant and i’m keen to efficiency.  I appreciate the small things and aim for balance.  I hope that I can improve others lives both deliberately, by helping them to find their own answers, and indeliberatly, in the example of the life i lead.


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