Hello, readers! My name is Selena Wilson and I am a senior Social Work major. I have been a social work major since entering college because I have always wanted to work in a field that had the ability to directly influence others lives in a positive manor. I am interested in social work so deeply because it has a responsibility that is unlike other social science departments. Social work is a professor where we are trained to listen and counsel while also creating active plans to take action and make a difference in the problems at hand. We make resources available and guide until the goal has been reached. For me, it is the best of both worlds with helping to hear where people are having problems in their life, but also being able to do something to help them.

Social work can help the community in numerous ways. Working directly with the community is one major way, obviously. Providing resources to the community that they may not otherwise have gotten is essential for some. Helping to build a support system and networking is helpful. There can be several different avenues to do all things. For example, social workers provide career services at Work Force Essentials with resume making workshops, job fairs, and teaching computer skills.

Being a social work major, I have become a fantastic researcher when tasked with finding resources or available help. I have also gain the skills to effectively communicate a problem with a client and to establish a plan to alleviate a situation. These skills are easily related to things I do in my everyday life and I am thankful for having a future career that doubles as making me a better person.

To tell a little about myself, I am the President of Alpha Sigma Alpha and Vice President of Order of Omega. I enjoy napping more than I should. I have incapable of cooking, partially lack of skill, mostly laziness. I am obsessed with watching inflatable T-rex costume videos. I think of random fun facts on a regular basis so that I am always prepared for when people ask for a fun fact. Lastly, I am totally convinced if I hide money from myself I won’t spend it, but time and time again I prove to myself that is the biggest lie of them all.


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