SC CARES Alternative Break Post Trip Reflections

While I volunteering for Austin Peay State University’s alternative summer break trip to the South Carolina Coastal Animal Rescue and Education Center, I used my abundant knowledge and countless skills that I’ve gained from my time at APSU in several different ways. I was able to enter a completely new domain and attack it with an open and organized mind, and in doing so, I was to be able exchange ideas effectively through oral (and yes, written) communication. I used my ability to visualize the concepts of the numerous projects that needed to be completed at SC CARES and follow through on the endeavors (sometimes independently) with little supervision and guidance. At times, it was somewhat challenging to accept and act on the critiques to improve my work as needed. However, throughout my time at APSU, I have learned to work with (and to socialize with) different types of people. This information was invaluable during our trip, because in addition to working together all day, we also all had to live with each other in a common space with little privacy. Looking back on my experience, I have gained much patience, an immeasurable addition of compassion for animals, and rediscovered the joy of selfless service. I would absolutely sign up for an alternative break again without a second thought and I am truly honored to have been chosen for this particular trip. I highly recommend this to any student, regardless of physical strength or perceived weaknesses, because everyone brings a different skill-set to the table. All types of people are needed to accomplish the mission!

Dawn M. Grice




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