Can we go back?

Working with SC Cares has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Coming in the animals were somewhat standoffish. The probably thought that we were some tour group again. But soon they learned that we were here to help! After that, they sure warmed up to up. I had to use several skills that I learned from Austin Peay. But the most important one that I had to utilize is the willingness to lead. I was the leader of the trip and took responsibility for everything. Thus, I wanted everyone to have a great experience, but work hard as well! In what ways have I learned and grew? Well, I am applying to be a International Trip Leader (hopefully I’ll get it) however, I have defiantly learned that every group has a different dynamic, and that people must adjust. Not everyone will know everyone. Also, you must always remind yourself that you are not on vacation, you are here to serve in everyday possible!

Drew Large



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