South Carolina: George Town Trip!!!

My name is Thu Hoai Tran, and I go by Megan. My major is Radiology Tech. with the concentration in Nuclear Medicine. In my field, I going to deal with research, diagnosis, and treatment for patient who have diseases, or cancer. I love to work in this field because I want to learn new things about cells, bacteria, and virus. Those things are so small but so powerful, that can create different type of diseases. I want to discover  the new stuff, and even more awesome if I can find the cures for it. I love to help people by doing more research and learn more about DNA and virus, so I can discover the new medicine to cure my patient. I’m an adventurer, so I like to go to different places and experience different work. This time, it is so awesome because I can work with the animal. This is my dream. Therefore, I hope that I will learn a lot during the trip about animals.


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