The Pre-Trip Jitters

Good Afternoon,

My name is Drew Large and I am the leader of the trip going to Georgetown, South Carolina. As a biology major, I am stoked to be able to pick a location to serve that believes in animal enrichment and preservation. I have always wanted to be a teacher, and that is what my minor is, and at this Wildlife Refuge called SC Cares we can possibly have that opportunity. Also, I can teach the friends that are coming with me what I know about the animals there, and the owners can teach us some things as well. In the community, I know that my major will help. I can teach high school students what I know about the natural world, hopefully teach them about life, and prepare my students for college. Thus, I will be able to not only help the community at the present moment of teaching when I graduate, but help other communities as who I teach will reach out to someone else one day and serve well. I believe that I have the friendliness, drive, and empathy for others that always makes wanna help someone. Growing up I have loved serving my community. Whether it was sweeping my neighbor’s porch, or watch kids at the local Boy’s and Girl’s Club. I did it all. Therefore, I feel like I also have volunteer experience to where I know what goes into giving what I can, and I am so able and willing to do it. On to of community service, I love to work with animals, hike, be outdoors, and have fun! I am just so ready for this trip, and I know the others are as well! South Carolina, here we come!


Here is the link to where we are volunteering: SC Cares Webpage


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