Asher Hawkins – Spring 2016 Post Reflection (SC)

During my time at APSU, I’ve learned quite a bit about working with groups in unfamiliar situations. In the President’s Emerging Leaders Program, I learned that everyone had leadership potential and how to work within a group setting with ease. We honed everyone’s strengths and delegated tasks accordingly and everyone’s opinions were valued. This made fixing up the house a much smoother process than if I hadn’t had the PELP classes.

I think that personally, I got out of my comfort zone and interacted with people I don’t normally get a chance to talk to. When I branched out of my bubble I really enjoyed the trip and bonded easily with everyone there. It also shed light on just how many people need help and I feel like volunteering is a very rewarding experience that more people should partake in. A lot of people from other groups were cancelling and the organization and family both were so thankful for us coming up and it was very gratifying.

-Asher Hawkins


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