Chanel Randle – Spring 2016 Post Reflection (Washington DC)

This trip was awesome! One aspect of the DC Central Kitchen that they took pride in was quality control. After teaching us how to chop and dice produce, they came around to each person individually to make sure we were doing everything right. Likewise, this is something that I not only used in school but also at the kitchen. I make sure I take pride in my school work and any other task I am assigned, therefore maintains quality control was very easy.

From volunteering at the kitchen and the nutrition lab I learned some of the ins and out of the organization, why they were founded and how they have maintained a successful organization. We also learned how to chop, slice, and dice produce. This would come in handy when having to prepare and cut meals with actual food lol ! From expierencing D.C. as a whole, I learned how to navigate through an unfamiliar city with maps. I also learned how to navigate through the the city on through the metro stations, which will be great when I hopefully get my internship in NewYork.


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