Waqas Ahmed – Spring 2016 Post Reflection (Washington DC)


Well, we are back from D.C. and have jumped into the last few weeks of class before Summer break. This ABT was a unique experience for me. We went to a place vastly different from Clarksville and Austin Peay. But I felt that Austin Peay had prepared me for this little adventure. Volunteering is a big part of life at APSU and I am very involved in the different community service activities offered here. Being familiar to volunteer service was the biggest perk APSU provided for me on this trip. We knew that we were making a big difference by helping out at the D.C. Central Kitchen.

I learned many things from working at the Kitchen. I’d like to say that I am now a pro at chopping onions and squash.. I’d like to say that:'(. I encountered different people while working at the kitchen from different backgrounds. But they all had one thing in common: they wanted to help disadvantaged of D.C. and they loved what they were doing. Not one person showed any attitude throughout our shifts. I think that encapsulates the meaning of volunteering. I would love go there again next year.

/Waqas Ahmed


P.s. I think its very ironic that we are laughing while cutting up those onions…I guess volunteering does that to ya


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