Bethany Long – Spring 2016 Pre Reflection (Nashville)

My name is Bethany Long and I am a junior Spanish major at APSU.I have always found the Spanish language intriguing and a lot like a puzzle. When I went to Nicaragua the first time on a mission trip before my freshman year of college, I realized Spanish needed to be a part of my life so that I could continue going down to Central America and helping people. Everything I am doing now in college will directly affect what I want to do when I am older which is translate anywhere I can while making one of my biggest priorities going to do mission work. I also love to travel so this will be a great career for me.

I think it would be great if I could be a Spanish teacher so that not only could I share my love of Spanish with high school students but also take the summers and other school breaks to go down and translate in other countries for organizations that go down and help people. I also know how influential my high school teachers were for me and I want to be the same for other kids.

I think my biggest skill that I have to help people right now is a big heart. I love helping people and am always looking for ways to help. My leadership skills are also important I feel to helping people. If there’s an issue or problem, I enjoy being able to help facilitate those problems and work together to get a compromise.


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