Erica Brooks – Spring 2016 Pre Reflection (Washington DC)

Hi, my name is Erica Brooks and I am a (pre-med ) chemistry major. I love the medical field because it is not only challenging, but also allows you to help people in a way they are not able to help themselves. Another  interest I have is  organic production of food, knowing where it came from and how it was processed. There is a great quote by a man named Dr. Bedoe who said “How can we be suspected to live healthy lives if  the food we eat is not pure?” The context  was  vegetables not being as nutritionally packed as they should due to soil conditions and other factors. I strongly believe in using food, nutrition, exercise, and medicine to help society, making sure to not make one of them more important than the others. Currently, I do not have any special skills that I am using to help people in my community, but I do care a lot about them so I tend to do a  lot of small things. One of them includes doing food trains which allows people who maybe just had a baby or they are sick to be provided with meals that are home cooked. Also I am putting together a Vacation Bible Study or VBS for a local church which will allow kids from the community to have week of fun in a safe environment. overall I am pretty active I enjoy biking, running, and hiking; but I also have a lazy side that enjoys watching TV and knitting. I was raised in Clarksville and I love the city of DC, I am so excited for this trip and all that I will take away from it


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