Will Fisher – Spring 2016 Pre Reflection (Washington DC)

Howdy-doody everybody, my name is Will Fisher and I am a freshman English and History double major. I have been attracted like a moth to a flame to these subjects for my love of a lack of substantial salary and defined job prospects. In addition to those reasons, I find English and History both sides of the same coin called Human Pathos. One side is the sad reality of existence and the other is literature about existence. So in general very bleak reasons.

My academic interests can help the community by eventually leading to a job in academia which will then in turn lead to educating young adults. Hopefully, educating the youth of America leads to a better and more educated society.

I bring a diverse set of skills to volunteerism. My summer job of landscape work taught me to enjoy the simple labors in life and how to properly transport and distribute various heavy or cumbersome items. I also am good at working hard in assembly line style jobs which is the basis of many community service projects. Abstractly, I have a good work ethic and enjoy seeing other peoples lives improve.

I am an out of state student from  Moline which is in northern Illinois right on the Mississippi river, so not near Chicago. Before moving to Moline I lived in Decatur IL for 12 years. On campus I am semi-heavily involved. I am a news reporter for The All State, the Philanthropy Chair for Kappa Alpha Order, an IFC delegate, a PELP student, and a soon to be Big Brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I also enjoy movies and researching pedantic topics.


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