Asher Hawkins – Spring 2016 Pre Reflection (SC)

Hi! My name is Asher Hawkins and I’m a Studio Art major. I’ve always been interested in art and had a penchant for it but it was only recently that I decided that it would be the most fulfilling path to take in my life. No other subject really holds my attention like art can, and nothing evokes the same feelings of solidarity, understanding, and emotion within me.

My major is cathartic and producing art can be used to breathe new life into an area. It can also encourage others viewing your work to share their experiences or get out of their comfort zones. Art can be emotional or political and can be used for such a wide array of things that it’s almost silly to try and pin it down to how it can be used. Protests, community events, gatherings, story telling, and on and on. Currently I’m a very well-rounded individual with many stories to tell, a lot of passion, and the leadership skills to make it work. I just want to encourage others and bring a bit of my excitement into their lives. I’m very uplifting and understanding, and such a good listener. I like to get involved!

Oh man time to introduce myself. I’m Asher and my name means “happy”, which I aspire to be in my life. I’m 19 and I love all forms of art, music, and dance, and I’m very creative. Often, my nose is buried in my sketchbook and I’m listening to music. The world inspires me, and I’m pretty optimistic! I honestly think too much about philosophy and the nature of the world and humanity. I’m a Libra and an INFJ and often find myself enjoying the whimsical things in life. If you ask me about art, media, or music that I like, I probably won’t be able to shut up.

I’m just really excited about everything in life and this trip is going to be fun!


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