Whisper Lindquist – Spring 2016 Pre Reflection (Washington DC)

Hello! My name is Whisper Lindquist. I am an art education major, I am interested in my major because although I am not an artist, I love and value art in every way and I really want to teach children that love, and to teach them to be inspired by the things around them.

I think that my major can help others around me by giving children another world to see, I feel like life is mostly serious as you get older, and I think that art can take the edge off just a little, give someone some hope along the way.

I am not particularly wonderful at anything in life, although I love a lot of things so maybe I am just good at loving, but I feel like I help people by helping them see the brighter side of life, not just the bad parts.

Like I said before my name is Whisper, which is the name my dad gave me at birth. I am a freshman this year, and I am originally from Madison, Wisconsin. I am pretty quiet, but I love making friends everywhere I go.


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