Jordan VanDeGejuchte – Spring 2016 Pre Reflection (Nashville)

Hi, my name is Jordan. I am a junior at Austin Peay and I am majoring in Finance. I love to read, do crafts, travel, and play with my dog Macy! I am interested in finance because I enjoy working with both numbers and people. I love to organize and plan things, and my goal is to become a financial advisor so that I help other people manage their money. My major can help others in my community by allowing me to guide people towards a better financial path for themselves and their family. By helping others plan their finances, I can help them achieve their personal goals and desires. I have always enjoyed helping others and financial advising is the perfect way to help out people who may be struggling through the confusing world of finance on their own.

I actually just took a test for one of my classes to figure out what my five strongest personality traits are and they include: empathy, responsibility, harmony, achiever, and discipline. These traits allow me to improve the lives of others by being an extremely dedicated person. Once I set my mind to something I always follow through, and I enjoy helping other people succeed too. I have a positive outlook on life and I believe that if everyone works together we can accomplish almost anything. This motivation drives my everyday life and allows me to help others and to enjoy doing so!


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