A’Nancia Lunsford – Winter 2016 Post Reflection (New Orleans)

My name is A’Nancia Lunsford and I went on the New Orleans trip. One of the main skills that I applied from being a student at Austin Peay would definitely have to be group/ team work. I honestly never realized how much you can do when you work as a team. We were able to get more done in 1 day than i’m sure a lot of construction workers would have which made me and the wonderful ladies I was with feel amazing. I believe being on the trip was definitely humbling and eye opening. My mother always says be careful with what you complain about because it could always be worse.  I now understand exactly what she means. Not only was the trip humbling but it was very rewarding as well. I always have enjoyed helping others but going on this trip assures me that being a psychology major is the right choice. I sincerely wanted to help those gentlemen. Listening to them speak and just being consistent coming on time every day was something that they loved about us and that was easy for us to do. I only want to volunteer more and more after coming from that trip.


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