Alyssa Kela – Winter 2016 Post Reflection (Gainesville)

My team and I have returned home from our winter break trip to the amazing Gainesville, Florida at which we worked with Jungle Friends Sanctuary in order to aid them with whatever they asked. Before we left for the trip I was unaware of how it would go and what to expect. I am awe struck at how touching this trip was to me.

I am a pre-vet major, and therefore working with these primates was something I was very interested in. Seeing them in their natural habitats and interact with one another is truly indescribable. The classes I have had at APSU for my major helped me in knowing basics on their behaviors and breeds, but immersing myself by living on the sanctuary taught me lessons beyond that.

The staff at the sanctuary was impeccable; truly caring if we needed anything and dealing with any of our troubles. They treated us with such high respect, thoughtfulness, and love, teaching us how the ways of the primate work. The love that they possessed towards the monkeys was absolutely undeniable.

I am blessed to have been able to attend this trip, and I would completely love returning to Jungle Friends again in order to help. These trips that APSU has to offer are incredible, and I look forward to hopefully going on another!

Highest regards,



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