Caitlin Rich – Winter 2016 Post Reflection (New Orleans)

I was able to interact and build a relationship with the group of girls I was with because I had learned how to get along with different people and how to adapt to different personalities. I used leadership skills that I had learned through my sorority which helped with some of the tasks that we needed to get done. This trip really opened my eyes and showed me to be humble with my life and the things that go on in it. Listening to some of the mens’ stories and the amount of faith they still have in life, in hope, in love, in people, and in a brighter future really had an impact on me. I learned that I can be okay with not being a leader and not always have to be in charge that I can take orders and just enjoy the work. I’ve learned that construction is actually fun despite being so dusty and dirty at the end of each day the feeling I got from seeing the progress was everything. I’m so glad I was able to do this trip, because it truly was life changing and I’ve made some amazing friends.


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