LaKendra Marshall – Winter 2016 Post Reflection (New Orleans)

I really enjoyed visiting New Orleans and working with the New Orleans Mission facility based in Lacombe, LA. The trip was very inspiring. The girls and I were able to meet some wonderful individuals. We were able to learn about the difficult challenges the individuals had faced in life; and the route they are willing to take to change their lives. I am very glad I had decided to take this trip because I have learned so much from it. Teamwork was something I wasn’t familiar with before this trip. Before, I would always want to complete a task by myself. This trip made me realize teamwork is important when completing a task as a whole. The results was amazing. I would do all the work over again if i could. I love seeing the expressions of the men after we completed each task every day. They were shocked to see us complete the tasks so fast and efficient. We were a team.  The individuals of the New Orleans Mission became family in less than a week. I will definitely travel to visit them again. I really enjoyed the time spent and the conversations we had. My management classes and volunteering prepared me to be able to manage my time and the tasks needed to be completed. I can say that I was well prepared for this trip. I look forward to taking many more trips with the Center for Service-Learning & Community Engagement at APSU, meeting new individuals, and making a change that will benefit others.

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