Jessica Boettner – Winter 2016 Post Reflection (New Orleans)

For the Alternative Break Trip to New Orleans to help the homeless, I was the student leader. Therefore, my leadership education from the President’s Emerging Leaders Program aided me. In the program we take a class every semester relating to leadership. In our last class we did field exercises to practice leadership and teamwork and we dug into our strengths and weaknesses as leaders. The volunteering on this trip required a lot of teamwork and initiative. No one told us every step we needed to take. For example, the organization told us the kitchen needed help. We split ourselves up into groups and decided what tasks should be completed to improve the kitchen. Afterwards we helped with the clean up of a recently gutted house. For this we moved a lot of wood and drywall from the house to the dumpster. The organization believed this would take the rest of our volunteering time. However, because of our teamwork, it was mostly done in one day.

This trip showed me that I am an capable leader. Before the trip, I was terrified of all that could go wrong. Now I am confident I can effectively handle the problems that could arise. I will continue leading volunteer trips because of the enjoyment and growth I gained from this one.



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