Vashti Newton – Winter 2016 Post Reflection (New Orleans)

My name is Vashti Newton and let me just start off by saying how much I appreciated this alternative break trip. The experience was amazing, our group was an amazing group of people, the organization was amazing, everything was just great! We put in 100% everyday and I was so proud of everybody. The Giving Hope Mission Retreat was also something wonderful. How nice, grateful and thankful everybody was there just really made me humble myself. Hearing their stories and being apart of their community, I learned to not take for granted the simple everyday things I have. These guys didn’t have hot water in their kitchen or a working refrigerator but they made do with what they had. Their positive mind set and high spirits really impacted me and it inspired me to just be more appreciative and express gratitude for the little things.While working at the retreat, I will tell you that the entire trip was based of teamwork. The jobs we did took teamwork and our group was beyond ecstatic to get out there everyday and get the job done. Great job guys!!👍🏽👏🏽 Once again I’d just like to thank the Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement at Austin Peay State for this opportunity. After this, I’m definitely looking forward to more service work with you guys!



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